Ask Purple Caster Minion and Red Caster M!

PCM is here to answer all your pressing and Very Important questions! By day he works on Summoner's Rift for League of Legends. By night he eats cupcakes. It's a hard minion life.

In the future PCM looks to retire from Summoner's Rift, leaving his niece, Red Caster Minion, to take his place. Red Caster Minion answers all messages addressed to RCM, otherwise she'll assume you're looking to speak to her uncle.

Currently PCM and RCM answer a couple of questions a week and there is a backlog. PCM apologizes for the delay and hopes you won't hold his Wee Drawing Hand against him.

Questions addressed to Wee Drawing Hand (WDH) will be answered via text.

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Look at what came in the mail today! I smell contest season.

Asker tnypty Asks:
how is this blog going have not sean a post in a while just asking
askpcm askpcm Said:

Ah, yeah, it’s been a little quiet around here, hasn’t it? I’ve reduced posting for a couple of different reasons, personal life is a tricky thing. But this blog is not abandoned! After PAX Prime is usually when I start rolling around with content and contests.

I hope you all don’t mind hanging in there with me! ♥


I didn't know this URL existed. But you are my favourite by far now.
askpcm askpcm Said:

Hello fellow PCM! :D

Everyone has to have a weakness.

It’s important to know what’s edible on the rift.

Introducing: Red Caster Minion!

PCM’s niece and protege, RCM has come to Summoner’s Rift to train with her uncle until she is ready to take his place in the Summoner’s Rift Visual Update. Young and inexperienced, but full of spark, RCM is ready to tackle everything that comes her way. If only she could learn to control her power first!

RCM is very excited to be here and answer your very important questions. She will be answering asks addressed to RCM starting today.

I may be wrong, but all the new codes are expired. o.o
askpcm askpcm Said:

You are not wrong, I just found out, too! I’m very sorry, friend! :(

Alright, MORE CODES. I hope at least one of these is not expired!

PAX Sivir

Riot Singed

Riot Nasus

**Note that these are region locked to NA**

If a code does not work, please let me know!

Sigh, all expired. U_U Thank you all very much for trying out these codes and helping me out!

Asker rainy-skies Asks:
Hi! I think its extremely nice of you to give out all those skin codes, even tho they're all expired. Riot said if you take a picture of the code, with a piece of paper of someone's summoner name and server (to prove its their card), Support will redeem it for them. :) So there's still a chance for giveaway, just a lot more work. ^^
askpcm askpcm Said:

I wish they all worked! I have about 10 more codes to post. It may be a lost cause, but gotta try!

Unfortunately I do not think I could do a giveaway like that this month. I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but I haven’t posted new content in a few weeks. My day job is a bit hectic and working on some new art since RCM is coming! But I think after PAX for sure I’ll be able to do a giveaway and hang out with all of you lovely people again. :)